08.05.2018, written by vManager News.

Hello guys. As most already know, the site was hacked and all deleted. The entire database as well as the pages.

But I was able to recover everything thanks to my host's automatic backups system. Although we had some problems, we managed to put the site back.

Some games may have been lost and their resultant were generated again.
Any complaints may come into contact with Admin that I will readjust any game that has turned out differently.

We continue with our work. All passwords have been changed. And we are studying improving our security more and more. Since November 2017, six months ago, we started having to punish players who did cheat in the Transfer Market or who used two accounts to play on the same IP. This is one of the few games where you can train 2 clubs for free and even then some still try to circumvent the system. This is sad and delays the development of the game.

Anyway, the game will not end. We have several projects as the players gain quality according to the performance in the games as already happens with the Under-20. We are finishing a League Ranking with coefficient similar to what UEFA uses to determine the number of places per country in the Champions League. New player attributes as potential. In addition to other news.

Let's move on. I count on the support of all of you.

Thank you.

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