New Season - 1908

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New Season - 1908

Post by admin » Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:41 pm

:!: Today we start a new season.

Skill Gain:
The main change of the season. Several mangares complained of the exclusive quality gain system by the Training Ground during the Pre-Season. The main complaint is that it favors those who have more money, which turns out to be true. For more than a year we planned and tested how we could change that.

The most efficient solution (found so far) is to base the quality gain on players entering the field. Players entering the field will tend to gain more quality than non-players. Field performance will also influence (as is already the case for U-20 players, but on a smaller scale).

The intention is to give all coaches (even those without money) a chance to evolve the player. Including untrained clubs. All to reduce the chasm that was growing between rich and poor clubs. For all the best is to have a fiercest dispute.

It will be the first season with the new system, after 8 season with the old system. Let's analyze the behavior of the players and adjustments can be made. For this, we will need Feedback from our community.

Let's keep thinking about new solutions and new implementations.

- Technique and Strength - readjusted values. Throughout the season values ​​will rise with training and games.
- Physical Condition - Players returning on vacation and with 100% of physical condition.

- All first division leagues will be of equal interest. The goal is to encourage the increase of coaches in more empty leagues.
- New sponsors added to the new leagues.
- New clubs created.

- Annual salary readjustment. Players with higher quality had greater adjustments.
- 36-year-old players retired

- Fixed a bunch of bugs, many not visible to trainers.

- More than 15 coach accounts have been closed for trial and in some cases proven fraud. Unrealistic transfers by players will be analyzed and if any attempted fraud is proven, coaches will be punished.

- We fixed several translation errors. Others will still be fixed.
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Re: New Season - 1908

Post by wanderley » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:54 pm

Good job!
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